12 day nativity

Monday, July 27, 2015

Christmas in July! I - SPY Nativity

Here's a fun activity for a quiet nativity moment:


You can easily make a shake and seek I spy Nativity with some simple materials.

You will need:
a small nativity
an empty soda bottle (water bottles may be too thin to make this project.  If you can squish it easily, you may want to look for a sturdier container)
rice or small plastic beads (used for filling stuffed animals - available at craft and fabric supply stores)

Step 1: choose a small nativity.
I used a small nativity ornament set:

Other options are making your own nativity using shrink film (you can find it here).  Follow the instructions on the package.  Color your figures before you bake, and use a laser jet printer, otherwise your image will rub off!

I tried 2 different nativities - one that I printed using the Nativity images in the 12-Day-Nativity, and another that I printed using stock photo nativity silhouette images from the internet:

or, I found this cute button set at Hobby Lobby (a craft supply store) 

Step 2:  Fill half of the empty plastic bottle with rice. 

Step 3:  Add your Nativity pieces and shake until the pieces are all mixed in well with the rice.

Step 4:  Fill in the rest of the rice, shaking occasionally so that the nativity figures get incorporated into the rice well.  Leave about 1 inch of airspace at the top of the bottle so the rice has room to move around.

Step 5:  Place a thin line of glue around the top of the bottle, and immediately screw the lid back on the bottle.

Step 6:  Print out the i-spy Nativity List (add or remove nativity figures as needed - don't want someone searching for the camel if it's not actually in the bottle!)  and tie it to the bottle.

Have fun looking for each of the nativity figures by rotating, shaking and rolling your I-Spy Nativity.

An alternate version to the I-spy Nativity is to add small objects that represent the Nativity instead of the actual characters.  Some suggestions might include:

a small piece of rope (donkey's rope)
a small tuft of fake fur (camel's hair)
a small square of fleece (baby jesus' blanket)
a few pieces of hay tied together (hay for the manger)
jewels (wisemen's jewels)
a gold ring (the angel's halo)
bell (sheep's bell)
a star
a gold coin 

There are lots more fun nativity ideas and activities to be found in the 12-Day Nativity - available at Amazon and other book sellers on 10/13/15!