12 day nativity

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Nativity Quiet Book

While I have been waiting for The 12 Day Nativity to get published, I’ve been making a Nativity Quiet Book – (honestly, I have no idea why I picked this project... just saw some fun ideas on Pinterest and got a little crazy with myself)--  and I finally finished it up today!

There are so many fun quiet book ideas out there, and I admit that I have adapted those concepts to characters in the nativity story.  I’ll post some tutorials soon, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peak of the pages:

Ok, first of all, please don't judge my sewing skills.  But here's the front cover.  Notice the little tab that says, "press here"?

This is what it does...

(I can say that because it wasn't my idea - found a similar concept on Pinterest!)

So-so-so-fun!  pull a star and another star somewhere else on the page moves!

Somewhere in the path is a marble that you push through the maze from the donkey to the stable.

Tie up the camels for the night!  

Incidentally, the text on the little notes ironed to each page?  It's MY HANDWRITING!  ha!  Yes!  My daughter & son-in-law (Kira and Cam) gave me an app for my birthday (One of the best birthday gifts ever!) that allows me to create my own fonts.  This is the first one that I did and while it has some "issues", I love it and have downloaded it onto my computer. I printed the captions out on fabric straight out of my computer. 

Find the Nativity characters;
I have little nativity buttons, as well as letters that spell out the names.

Look!  I found the donkey!

This next one is quite possibly my favorite page:

adapted from an idea I found on another blog, you lift the hay under the baby Jesus to reveal several surprises:

a sheep
a loaf of bread
a fish
a heart
a cross

each is a symbol of a story of Jesus from the New Testament.

A fun project -- but definitely a labor of love!