12 day nativity

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Non-traditional Nativities - the 12 Day Nativity

One of my favorite "nativities"  is not what most would consider as a "traditional" nativity set. 

 I love all the fun subway art that is so popular right now.   Having something that isn't a set of small pieces helps "break things up" and gives a little visual relief.   

These would be great as a centerpiece over a mantle, or they can be easily hung  on any wall (and just as easily removed when using the Command Strips -- I like the velcro strips when hanging these big pictures) if you don't have countertop  or mantle space.

You can find a link to the artwork here:


This link will take you to an instant download so you get the JPEG file, which you can then have printed, or even have it printed on a canvas.

The ribbon came from Hobby Lobby - a local craft & home decor store.

Here's another, more rustic version.  You can find the artwork here:


More subway art: