12 day nativity

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The 12 Day Nativity - In the box and on the way!

So while I haven't seen my copy yet, (argh!) my sister marched down to the publisher yesterday and picked up a box of The 12-Day Nativity and sent me this picture:

Hopefully you'll be getting YOUR copy soon!  You can find it here,(Amazon) here, (Walmart) here , (Target) here  (Barnes & Noble) and here (Overstock.com) - book or e-book formats are available.

As soon as I get my copy I'll do a video book trailer highlighting all the good stuff inside!  In the mean-time, here's sneak preview:

In the 12-day Nativity you’ll find activities that you can use to prepare to celebrate the Nativity story -- one character at a time -- and fill your home with the spirit of Christmas as a result.

Other things you'll find in the 12-Day Nativity:
O·         A template to create your own nativity scene or advent calendar.
·         Directions for creating or performing your own nativity using family and friends to depict the key characters and events of the nativity.
·         Information and related activities on how other countries celebrate the nativity.
·         Recommendations for other nativity-related events that will help bring the true meaning of Christmas into your home.