Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nativity Tree and the 12-Day Nativity

One fun way to celebrate the Nativity is to have a tree dedicated specifically to the Nativity Story.'

Here is mine this year -- the ribbon is printed in Gold and includes many of the names of the Savior.  I have collected over 40 ornaments, so it slowly grew from a small twig of a tree to the full tree shown here.  You can find more ideas for the Nativity tree in the 12-day Nativity.

I love all the different varieties of ornaments:  blown glass, wood, fabric, ceramic, metal.  Some were collected while traveling, and others given as gifts by dear friends over the years.  As soon as the ornaments go up in the stores, I'm usually there to pick through them for the first official ornament of Christmas!

One of the things I love about the Nativity ornaments is that it often reduces the nativity to just the Holy Family.  The small scale creates a real intimacy between Joseph, Mary and the baby.  Just a momma, daddy and a baby encircled in one another's arms.  

Here are a few of my favorites: 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Book Launch Party

Thanks to everyone who dropped in for the book launch party.  It was fun to see so many friends.  I especially enjoyed visiting with one friend who accidentally showed up a day early.  In spite of the mess (I was knee-deep in the preparations), we enjoyed having some one-on-one time that would not have happened with the crowd.  So glad you came and stayed S.!  

Book Signing & Nativity give-away:

Hot Chocolate Bar:
 Yummy Cookies & Cake pops

The Nativity Tree:

Browsing through the book and some of the nativity projects:

 Signing up for the nativity give-away!

 12-day nativity

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Teacher Gifts for Christmas

Looking for a unique teacher gift this year?  Why not share the 12-Day Nativity?

You could share the book, and then surprise your teacher each day with a separate piece to a nativity set, so that they have the entire set by the time school is out for the holiday break. What teacher wouldn't love that!?! 

It's a fun and unique way (so much better than hand soap and starbucks gift cards!) to show your appreciation and share your faith with the people you admire and love. 

You can see a summary of what's in the book here...
or order it online here: