12 day nativity

Sunday, December 13, 2015

12-Day Nativity Yard Art and Digital Files

As the 12-Day Nativity gets launched this year, I have asked friends and family to try some of the activities in the book -- Here is one of them:

Karlyn out-did herself by doing a full-on yard art of the nativity characters in the book.  Here's a look at them in the daylight and at night.  She says that next year she may color each figure - one per day leading up to Christmas so that everyone, including the baby Jesus is in full dolor by the end of the 12-day Nativity.  So fun and creative!

If you have the book and want a link to the DIGITAL FILES, shoot me a quick email (wood_mww@yahoo.com) letting me know your favorite activity from the book and i'll send it along!

Under the Blue Lights at night:

And in the daylight.  I LOVE the black sheep who was a contribution of Karlyn's son who insisted on participating in the project!

Who knows, maybe Karlyn will have had a good night's sleep by next year and will be taking orders!